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The best way to improve your understanding of the English language is to enrol onto one of UNIECA’s English language courses. The course is most suited to learners who are able to hold a basic conversation in English.

Covering key areas of English grammar, the course is broken down into four domains of speaking, reading, writing and listening, and also touches upon spelling, grammar and punctuation.

The Course also includes unlimited tutor support webinars to help develop your listening and speaking skills.

The interactive modules help you develop the core foundations to support you in your TEFL or IELTS examinations. Developed by experts in the English Language, the course’s pedagogical approach combines with audio clips help explain key fundamental concepts of the English language. Students also have access to online tutors and an online social forum, where they can interact with other students and practice their new English skills.

Course Details

Course overview

The course is made up of 10 modules. Each module consists of 10 guided learning hours of material with an additional 5 hours worth of optional material comprised of recommended exercises, recommended readings, Internet resources, and self-testing exercises.

  1. Home, family and daily life
    • Develop vocabulary regarding home/family life
    • Learn how to communicate about social trends
    • Develop listening skills in the context of explanations and presentations
    • Develop speaking/listening skills in the context of giving a talk
    • Understand the structure of a text presenting advantages and disadvantages
  2. Politics and socio-cultural issues
    • Develop vocabulary regarding politics and socio-cultural issues
    • Learn how to find, access and understand news in newspapers and on the TV, radio and internet
  3. Work and professions
    • Develop vocabulary regarding topics relevant to work and professional subjects
    • Develop familiarity with communicating via email, leaving voicemails, and in formal and informal language
  4. Health and fitness
    • Develop vocabulary relating to health and fitness
    • Learn how to participles and follow a dialogue between multiple people
  5. Citizenship and politics
    • Develop confidence with ability to give views and opinions on local issues
    • Develop vocabulary about citizenship and politics
  6. Crime and punishment
    • Develop vocabulary regarding crime and punishment
    • Learn to listen to and follow discussions
  7. The environment
    • Develop vocabulary regarding the environment and environmental issues
    • Develop letter and email reading and writing abilities
  8. Technology
    • Listen to conversations among retailers and customers relating to the purchase of technological goods for the home
    • Listen to a conversation between teenagers about their social media habits
  9. Science and education
    • Develop vocabulary relating to science and education
    • Practice listening to and following a discussion
  10. The IELTS exam
    • Helps prepare learners for IELTS exam by explaining requirements
    • Covers some examples of the kinds of questions that will come up in the IELTS exam
    • Provides a list of helpful advice for the IELTS exam

Each of the first 9 modules will be made of a Listening and Speaking section and a Reading and Writing section, and will help you to develop all aspects of your communications skills. The IELTS exam module will help provide some helpful tips and guidance for learners planning on attempting the IELTS exam.

Course fees

The Total cost of the course is £999

Students can make payment using one of the following methods:

  • Credit or debit card
  • Bank transfer
  • Interest free monthly instalments
  • Paypal
  • Western Union
Am I eligible for this progamme?

This course is most suited to individuals who are at least 16 years old looking to improve their level of English.

Students will also need to be capable of communicating in English to at least a basic level. As a rough guide, being able to read this page is a good indication that you have the minimum level of English to study this course!

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English Language Course

  • Short Diploma Course
  • Unlimited tutor support

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You will get the same knowledge and qualifications just under £5,000. Work hard and believe in yourself.

Sujan Ale Magar

Sujan Ale Magar

Level 4&5 Business Management

My experience with UNIECA has been excellent and enjoyable. All the study materials were available. The student and tutor support were excellent too.

Ahmed Hesham

Ahmed Hesham

Level 4&5 Accounting and Finance
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