Affordable UK Degree and MBA pathway programmes with fully online learning, fast tracking to UK University Qualification.

Who we are

Whether you are looking to enhance your skills, improve your team or pursue a professional education, the UNIECA’s learning pathways can provide you with all you need.

The UNIECA delivers online university pathway programmes with full Undergraduate and Postgraduate Diploma Awards to learners from all corners of the world. Learners can fast track their way through to a UK University Qualification on campus or by distance learning.

Our web based modules allow students to learn what they want, when they want and how they want and have been designed to facilitate a much faster, more affordable and engaging way to learn. With a 24/7 student access to all they need for the course. the UNIECA provides students with all the support that they need to succeed in developing their professional skill base and achieve a university qualification.

UNIECA is brand of Qafie Projects Private Limited which we would like all our users to know for the purpose of transparency.